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Planets and Symbol

 The symbol for Virgo is a letter “M” with a loop at its end. The loop in the symbol of Virgo does represent chastity, whether because it is seen as crossed legs of a woman or as a loop where no impurities can enter. In a completely different interpretation, we see that Virgo is represented through three similar obstacles or paths, the third completing the circle and taking a person back where they started.

Astrology Books

# Cover Name Author Buy Now
1 Jouktik Jyotish Santanu Dey Link 1 , Link 2
2 Chronicles of Hindu Astrology the concept of Overlapping Santanu Dey Link 1 , Link 2

Vastu Ideas

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In all the houses of Hinduism, Manglik work or religious ritual is considered a sign of swastika highly Mars-symbol. That is why the swastika mark is ...  Read More...