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In Astrology Sun represents the Soul, he is the king. He is the leader who can control the whole universe around us. He represents our Appearance, our Personality traits. The strength of Sun indicates how conscious we are. It indicates the strength, the composite structure of our body.
        The Sun represents the level of confidence, the control over the society. It makes the planets bound to revolve around it. It represents the central point of the Solar System. Surya (the Sun) represents your father, the King, the Government, power, authority, your soul, the boss in your office, his attitude, his behavior with you.
         The Sun represents the vision, the heart, and the aura around you. The Sun signifies the way you come out to people, and how bright your light shines depends upon the condition of your Sun. Sun controls the vital energy within you which drives your success, self-expression, an indicator of career, confidence, and leadership skills. Sun in Vedic Astrology is also the (Karaka) of profession or work. He indicates the success in your life, your popularity, and lastly the ego you have.

Astrology Books

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1 Jouktik Jyotish Santanu Dey Link 1 , Link 2
2 Chronicles of Hindu Astrology the concept of Overlapping Santanu Dey Link 1 , Link 2

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