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Moon is your mind, your emotions. He represents your mother and every motherly emotion you have. The softness of your body and your mind are represented by the Moon. The thought, that makes you happy, the water, your conscious memory, your environment, the nature, the way of interaction, the communicative skill, growth and development of our mind, its interaction with nature, all are represented by the Moon.
         He is the queen, who signifies the stability and rest of the king. He is the water, the liquid in our body, the fluid in a mother’s womb, providing the vitality and energy to her baby. He is the Moon, who cares. The correlation between the subconscious and the conscious mind is also represented by the Moon. He has 27 wives, the 27 Nakshatras, signifies the very romantic nature of the Moon.
          The condition of the Moon in the chart will show how enlightened we are in experiencing the Divine Mother within us, how clearly we can feel that our ability to nurture and empathize with others is unbounded and unlimited, and how brightly our mind can shine in sensitivity and comprehension. The helpful nature of our mind, the concentration, his happiness is signified by the strength of the Moon. Conditions affecting the Moon (Chandra) in the chart influence the thinking and feeling processes, mental skills and attitudes, and also responses to the world at large.

Astrology Books

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1 Jouktik Jyotish Santanu Dey Link 1 , Link 2
2 Chronicles of Hindu Astrology the concept of Overlapping Santanu Dey Link 1 , Link 2

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