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Personality Traits

Positive Traits :
 Super-disciplined : Slow and steady wins the race – these words might have originated from Capricorns. Capricorns are highly patient and this characteristic of them allows them to achieve their dreams. 
Calm & Composed : One of the unique Capricorn traits is that people with this sign have a cool and composed mind. They don't like drama or conflicts and are very patient about everything. 
Negative Capricorn Traits:
Impulsive : When Capricorns want something, they will do anything to get it right away. There is no place in their life to sit around and wait for something. In short, they don't wait for the opportunity. They create them.
 Materialistic : One of the most common Capricorn traits is that they are known to be a little materialistic and boast about themselves when they achieve success. However, they also take full responsibility for the wrong decisions made, never blaming others.
Passive-Aggressive : Tell them a lie, and you will see the bitterness of a Capricorn. Yes, if you ever have faced an angry Capricorn, don't push their limits, and better watch out before arguing with them. If you did, brace yourself to face the impact because the earth sign can be brutal despite its calm nature and will cut you down with its extensive vocabulary.

Astrology Books

# Cover Name Author Buy Now
1 Jouktik Jyotish Santanu Dey Link 1 , Link 2
2 Chronicles of Hindu Astrology the concept of Overlapping Santanu Dey Link 1 , Link 2

Vastu Ideas

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Naba Graha Vastu Yantra

Navagraha represents the nine celestial influencers in Vedic Astrology. The seven days of the week are named after the seven visible celestial bodies....  Read More...